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BYOD: a major advantage for recruitment?

BYOD: a major advantage for recruitment?

After IT directors, HRMs are confronted with BYOD and BYOA (Bring Your Own Application)

According to a Markess survey, however, provision of mobile devices is not yet a priority for HR Managers. Making HR processes paperless heads the list of projects to be deployed (63% of replies), while 26% of those asked feel development of social networks is a major project. For 12% of HR bosses, providing smartphones and tablets in the working environment will not be on the agenda before 2014.

An HR expert at Markess, however, feels that providing access to HR applications means mobile devices: “Both businesses and HR departments must take these growing practices on board, and encourage innovation by availing themselves of their associated technology and usages”.

70% of professionals use their own apps

The Markess survey finds that 50% of professionals expect “tools for remote access to information and professional applications” from their human resources department. 50% of employees avail themselves of BYOD and 70% of BYOA, Bring Your Own Application, making professional use of apps other than those provided by the company (Sources Markess, Référentiel de pratiques 2012-2014, Solutions en réponse aux nouveaux enjeux RH (Solutions for new HR issues), accessible here).

To meet this demand, 25% of businesses should develop their own App Store by 2017, according to Gartner, which has also drawn up an appraisal of the expectations of young graduates. This category of future employees is characterised by much greater demand, almost natural for a mobile-immersed Y generation. Gartner claims that young graduates pay very close attention to the BYOD policies of potential employers (sources Business2Business Community).

How can BYOD be made more appealing?

This is the question addressed in the TechRepublic blog, which suggested 10 potential tips for improving corporate BYOD strategy and attracting users:

  • Greater freedom to use social networks
  • Longer lunch breaks, provided users remain online
  • Selling software and hardware at reduced prices
  • End-of-year bonuses
  • Telecommuting
  • Cloud storage offers
  • Financial compensation for using personal devices
  • Better securitisation of devices for professional and private use

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