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Easy Fix Better Discord Not Working [2021]

Easy Fix Better Discord Not Working

Easy Fix Better Discord Not Working

Better Discord not working! Often people suffer from issues with this utility. Challenges come upon every occasion. The Better Discord javascript error emerges frequently. Nevertheless, it is simple to rectify the application. There are several options to make it. Read down what you will have to.

Ways To Fix Better Discord Not Working

Logout and login into Discord

You must rectify the trouble if you log out and log in to this utility. Plenty of people think so and believe it. You may test it together with them. You never know what you can do till you test.

There are several steps you should take:

  • Start the messenger;
  • Push on the setting key;
  • Tap on the Log Out;
  • Reboot the computer;
  • Log in to the messenger account with your password.

Restart Discord

Rebooting the utility as the primary advice is usually the most frequent way to delete bugs in the utility; because it “Crosses the stream where it is shallowest.” Ordinarily, reboot the utility is often a proven and the best decision. When you reset, you are chiefly launching a new treatment via software.

Kill two birds with one shot; forcibly reset the utility with add-ons altogether. You are providing that the utility of configurable add-ons is quite; correct in this way.

You will better luck next time. If the utility doesn’t boot once, it can operate when you reset it the next one.

However, an ordinary reset may not help here, but every lock has its proper key. We’ll shut the utility down entirely and then reset it. You discover the challenge of the application not opening by using this method as well.

Cancel the utility widget by taping the X key. For Windows systems, right-press on the widget in the dashboard, hosted in the high top right corner, press Quit. For Mac devices, find the apps directory at the highest right-hand corner, pick the messenger, and opt for Quit.

Trust, but verify; you have to test in the Task Manager that the utility has been locked or not. Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to monitor it. On the Processes insert, turn to the footer to verify that the messenger module isn’t in progress.

After you must lock the widget wholly, reset your desktop. Then start to act the chat room and discover if the messenger loads happily.

Run Discord as administrator

There are various ways to act the messenger as a root:

  • Press the right button of the mouse to the widget and tap “Run as administrator”;
  • The various other way is to apply the Windows Start Menu. Tap Ctrl + Shift and touch the messenger widget. The option launches the script as root, but for one session. Next one, you will enjoy it again;
  • Tap Properties of the messenger right-taping on the widget of the script. Hit the Compatibility option and tip the flag “Run this program as an administrator.” Hit the key “Apply.” You will become a root forever;
  • Also, you must gain root rights through the registry, but it is too thorny.

Repair BandagedDB

Probably you know there is the item Repair BandagedBD. You could see it when setting up the messenger. This thing must repair some failures of the utility. It includes the trouble that does not initiate the messenger.

Make the following to enjoy it:

  • Obtain the BandagedBD installer from Github. Find the appropriate script for Windows or Mac;
  • Open the installation file and accept the conditions;
  • Opt for Restore BandagedBD checkbox;
  • Tick the “Restore at stable operation” flag;
  • Hit the “Restore” knob and enjoy it.

Replace bdstorage.json file

The messenger applies CSS and javascript to manage the adjustments of the utility. The file bdstorage.json occupies an appropriate place in this. It is in the messenger directory.

The trouble solves by changing the name of this file or its situation, told us some users. You need to make following steps:

  • Hit the Windows + R buttons, spell in the coming monitor % appdata%, and use “Enter”;
  • Duplex -tap to unlock the messenger folder. You discover file bdstorage.json here;
  • Rewrite it to dbstorage.json or HelloWorld.json, for example;
  • Reset the utility.

Move the file to any place if it fails to function; For example, to any folder. Reset the app again.

Turn off all Discord themes and plugins

The cause of failures may be custom themes and plugins. The messenger themes are not running.

You must remove everything, but you must not make it if you move them to another folder. The utility does not see them there.

You must follow to eliminate themes and users plugins:

  • Start Discord and enter setup;
  • Choose Plugins or themes;
  • Press Open Themes Folder.

You can delete all files here or rewrite them in another directory. Reboot the device and look at the result. You must upload files that you like from the depositary and set them.

Reinstall Better Discord

Eventually, you must wipe the slate clean by deleting the messenger and set it again. Some users have lately commented that the messenger doesn’t run after an update. It is also the quickest solution to the trouble. Probably it is the right way because the old setting of the utility had broken. There is also a chance that only some files of the soft damage yet. As a result, it does not currently run.

You have to eliminate the messenger from the desktop, and after that, you must set a new script for the utility on your computer. All invalid files you could recover after reinstalling the application. Also, you will have the latest release of the messenger.

You must take some steps to remove the widget:

  • Pick the widget of the utility on the desktop and tap it a duplex. If the icon there is no to upload the script of the app from the depositary;
  • Tap the widget and opt for Delete BandagedBD;
  • Opt for the messenger release, mark the checkbox its information. Tap Delete;
  • Every data you must eliminate yourself to ensure it has all disappeared;
  • Tap  Windows + R, spells in the checkbox % appdata%? and tap Enter;
  • You will enjoy the directory of the messenger. Tap buttons shift + delete to remove it. Reboot the gadget;
  • Upload the latest release of the utility from depositary. Remember to pick it preferably to the software of your computer;
  • Tap it, take pleasure in Run. Touch Install BandagedBD, touch the release of the messenger that you like.

After that, the utility will reboot; this will terminate the trouble.

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