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How Smart Technology is Changing the World

Earth Day – How Smart Technology is Changing the World

In honor of Earth Day this year let’s take a look at how smart technology is changing the world for the better.

Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day 2017. So, what better way to celebrate than to look at the positive impact smart technology is having on day-to-day life? Currently, most consumers will recognize smart technology when it’s found in the home – things like smart lighting and smart appliances. But, smart technology is all around us, and it’s a market that’s only going to keep expanding. In the workplace, for example, it can free up professional staff from routine tasks, letting them get on with the job they’re trained for. It also means resources can be diverted to where they’re most needed. Let’s find out a few ways that smart technology is changing the world – for the better.

Healthcare is Exploring the Advantages of Smart Technology

Wearable tech has opened up a world of new opportunities for smart medical care. For example, the Automated Device For Asthma Monitoring And Management (ADAMM) works to provide real-time data about asthmatic patients. The device and companion app can also chart the progress of symptoms and send alerts in the event of an attack. The device and app are connected to private hospital networks rather than mobile data connections to improve security. Wearables could also potentially eradicate the need for lengthy ward rounds as doctors can check the vitals of their patients from a single console. That gives them more time to spend providing care. The HealthPatch-MD device has even achieved FDA clearance in the US, so we may see it sooner than you think. In the developed world, we sometimes take the services we access for granted. But in developing nations, access to healthcare, education, and clean water can be difficult or even impossible to get. Luckily, organizations like the Gates Foundation are working to improve conditions. Smart technology can be one of the tools to help effect change. For example, the Gates Foundation is investing in healthcare technology in India. That includes new systems to record patient data, supervise health workers, and monitor both immunization programs and family planning. The greater connectivity of IoT in the future means professionals will be able to keep up with their patients more easily.

Smart Farming

In agriculture, IoT devices can monitor everything from soil moisture to crop growth. That means farmers can manage smart irrigation systems or harvesters remotely. They can also take advantage of weather services and other analytics to make better decisions about their farms. With a changing climate and unsteady markets, smart technology gives farmers a competitive edge. In the developing world, the Gates Foundation is helping to foster more sustainable farming practices. As these countries become more connected, farmers will be able to enjoy more of the benefits of smart agriculture. That will be particularly important in places plagued by drought or flood.

Smart City Technology is Already on the Way

Smart cities are predicted to be a $400 billion market by 2020. Six hundred cities worldwide are hoping to be classified as “smart.” That means water, waste services, and energy needs are monitored to make sure they’re operating at maximum performance. So, imagine something like your smart thermostat at home – only switching the heating on when it knows you want the house to be warm – but on a city-wide scale. This type of technology will even improve the transport system. You’ll be able to find real-time information about buses and trains, so you know exactly when they’ll arrive. That might even mean city-wide sensors that can tell you where the nearest parking space is – or even reserve one ahead of time. No more endlessly driving around the neighborhood looking for a space – wasting fuel and creating more pollution in the process. And city planners will be able to tell when maintenance is needed, and plan for the future. With advances like this, we’re proud to be in the smart technology camp with our SURE Universal Remote app. We have a strong stand on using technology to help the Earth. By using your SURE Universal remote, you aren’t buying countless remote controls for your devices. You’re also not having to buy hundreds of batteries a year for those remotes. Over to you – why not take your first steps towards creating a smart home, and help create a better world?

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