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How to Recruit in the IT Industry?

How to Recruit in the IT Industry?

The labor market in IT is now very competitive, innovative and constantly evolving.  Job offers outnumber professionals to cover demand, so finding IT talent is a challenge for experts.

When a generalist recruiter posts a manager job in various recruiting media, he receives hundreds of resumes.  However, when an IT recruiter posts a job in IT, they get one or two resumes.

It’s a reality: tech companies are facing a shortage of needed talent.  Therefore, Many turn to specialists, such as CNA-IT Recruitment Agency.

Due to the shortage of IT candidates, companies are increasing their salaries to attract the attention of specialists.

HR professionals to the rescue

With IT vacancies, one alternative for large and small companies is to use the experience of HR professionals who have experience in finding suitable candidates.

While a one-stop recruiter posts jobs in various digital and mass media to find administrative, operational or sales profiles, IT recruiters in many cases directly search for candidates and then filter them according to the technology, certifications, technical expertise that is required.  for these profiles.

The most important task of an IT recruiter is to fill vacancies as quickly as possible with candidates who adapt to the company’s organizational culture and are eager to work.

The biggest obstacle is the lack of IT elements and the need to compete to attract found candidates.

Among the biggest difficulties they had in finding IT elements was their English level, as interviewees often have a good technical level but lack conversational skills, such as project management or meeting management.

IT recruiters are constantly looking for solutions to this difficulty, as it is clear to them that when IT teams are understaffed, business projects come to a standstill and significant project delays begin.

IT recruiters specialize in finding:

-System engineers;

– Network engineers;

– IT software developers (programmers);

– Tester / QA;

– Database administrators;

– SAP or Oracle consultants;

-Web designers;

-Software architects

– System analysts;

As a rule, these are profiles that are in demand in companies that develop technologies that are key to business, for example, corporations with large systems teams, IT consulting companies, start-ups, software factories (companies that develop software for other companies).

Some recruitment agencies also specialize in technical profiles, so they hire IT recruiters to fill their clients’ vacancies.

One of the reasons why a specialized IT recruiter is required is the availability of various software technologies that are used in the market.

An IT recruiter knows the variety of software technology options in use in the market and understands what these tools are for, as each profile requires something different and not all technologies are used for the same purpose.

For example, a web developer may be familiar with programming languages   such as PHP and tools such as HTML and CSS that are useful for creating web pages on the Internet.  In the case of a developer of mobile applications such as mobile phone and tablet applications, their knowledge is focused on programming languages   such as Java, Swift and C.

Both are IT professionals but know different tools.  In fact, to master one programming language, programmers need years of experience.  An IT recruiter needs to know the differences between IT profiles in order to present the right candidates to their clients.

The task of recruiting becomes much more difficult when a client applying for a vacancy asks for a product with too many technologies.  It is almost impossible to find an IT specialist with experience in various programming languages.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the search for staff is very difficult.  And for this you need the help of recruits.  But you can find any specialist with the help of such agencies.

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