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How To Stop Avast Popups?

How To Stop Avast Popups?

How to turn off Avast notifications

By default, Avast displays pop-up alerts for specific events: ads, updates or security alerts.

How do I stop Avast pop-ups?

Some notifications are of no practical use and are more like spam, but you can turn them at any time through the options.

Discover the Avast Antivirus client panel. In the top right corner, press the menu icon with three horizontal bars and choose Settings.

Go to the “General” position and press the small down arrow next to “Pop-ups”.

The expanded tab lets you specify which pop-up posts you like to receive and which you don’t. To turn off notices, deselect the checkbox in front of them or set the display time to 0 seconds.

Press “OK” to save your changes.

To illustrate, let’s take a look at the notification setup in one of the most popular antivirus programs, Avast Antivirus. By default, the antivirus displays pop-up alerts for specific events: ads, updates, or security warnings. Some messages are of no practical use and are more like spam, but you have to switch them at any time through the setups.

How to disable antivirus pop-ups Avast Antivirus, like in many other antivirus programs, you cannot delete five sorts of notes:

  • Pop-ups for other Avast items: these ads can only be disabled in the free edition of Avast Antivirus;
  • Informational pop-ups: they display information about general antivirus activities. For example, when Avast completes a system scan;
  • Update messages: a pop-up window displays information about updates to the program and the antivirus database. This information is too important to pass up;
  • Warnings: we advise you not to disable this notification because you will not receive alerts about potential threats;
  • Security warnings: warnings you about detected threats and other relevant incidents.

Customize while installing

The first stage in the setup is to install the program on your device. Run the downloaded file. Give a positive reply to the system’s question about permission to make revisions to this program.

Select the “Setup” selection and click on the “Configure” key at the bottom left. You can customize items to your liking:

  • The “Sound” item lets you permit sound alerts for threats;
  • Item “Pop-up messages” are disabled only in the free edition, but you can reduce their display time.

Switch silent treatment

Discover the application client panel. Press on: Settings, General, Sounds and uncheck the Enable the antivirus sounds checkbox. Alternatively, you can remove the checkmark from the Use sounds (if available) checkbox in the Soundbox.

Click the alerts for which you do not want to receive sound alerts. The application has few happenings for which there are sound alerts. These happenings are:

  • Danger found;
  • Shady object found (we advise you to save these two );
  • Potentially unwanted program (PUP) found;
  • Scan finished;
  • Autorunner upgrade.

Disable Avast sounds

Switch on No Notification/Game Mode by pressing the Avast icon in your desktop’s taskbar. Right-press the application icon. Select No Notification/Game Mode from the menu.

You can also switch this mode inside one itself. Discover the application, go to Settings, General and check the No notifications/playback mode checkbox.

Switch on the application  pop-ups alerts

 How to stop Avast pop-ups? Open the Pop-ups segment in the Overview bar of the application Preferences window to find the Avast Pop-up Settings. You can disable information, update, alert and warning pop-ups by setting them to display here for “0” seconds. 

Finally, the most reliable way to disable Avast notifications is very simple. You need to uninstall the application.

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