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Magento Ecommerce Development Trends

Magento Ecommerce Development Trends

More and more entrepreneurs are using Magento for their e-commerce. If you are into e-commerce then keep reading this article to learn about Magento Ecommerce Development Trends.

What do you need to know about Magento?

Let’s start with the fact that Magento is a CMS system that helps a large number of online stores with its functions. This is a very powerful development that helps a lot in e-commerce. Therefore, now custom magento development is becoming more and more relevant.

The most common trends

To get the most out of your eCommerce business, we’ll take a look at the 5 most important trends for 2022 to help you stay on trend and get more conversions.

#1 Different forms of payment

Users always want to be able to complete their order as quickly as possible, but at the same time, the payment must be secure. This is why those in charge of e-commerce must adapt to users’ preferred means of payment. Keep in mind that 2 out of 3 users abandon their cart because they don’t find the form of payment they want.

Therefore, when creating your store on Magento, try to connect as many payment methods as possible with which you can pay both via phone and PC. Now the most popular forms of payment are of course Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, Amazon Pay, and the use of cryptocurrency. The more payment methods you provide, the more convenient it will be for your customers to pay.

#2 Content Personalization

The user prefers to spend less and less time searching for the products they are interested in, so it is extremely important to show the user those products and promotions that may interest him the most. For this, Magento eCommerce’s best practice is to use marketing automation techniques that allow us to categorize users based on their interests and show them content that matches those interests.

For example, a person who normally uses football-related products for men is logically not interested in products for women or products from other sports that have nothing to do with football. Not only do you need to personalize the content you see online, but you also need to personalize your email marketing campaigns, which can have a higher conversion rate than the website itself.

#3 Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

The fact that more and more mobile phones are being used for purchase is a reality that is becoming more and more serious. In some sectors such as fashion, 70% of users are mobile users. These users access through apps or a mobile web browser. The foundation of an APP-only mobile strategy requires high operational and opportunity costs. In other words, every time a new version of an application is created because some new feature has been added or a vulnerability has been fixed, users need to work hard to download it. PWA allows you to run mobile views in a mobile browser, but with the look and feel of a native app. This technology includes web elements for mobile phones that enhance the user experience and allow for continuous improvements without the user having to download any application.

#4 Image Search

This new type of search allows a smartphone user to take a picture of a product and an image search engine to search different websites. With this system, users no longer have to scan a product’s barcode to find it on a website.

This method is widely used on sites like Alixpress, where there are thousands and thousands of products at the user’s disposal, and sometimes too many results are returned when searching for a product. Thanks to the image search engine, more accurate results are obtained, which improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

#5 Social eCommerce

Just as users are buying more and more through mobile devices, more and more sales come from interacting with their social networks. Marketing is no longer about getting the user to find the product they want to buy on Google Shopping, for example, but about creating a need for the customer to buy. To do this, it is necessary to invest in campaigns on the most important social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, through advertising or through influencers who advertise our product.

Therefore, try to make your platform unique, practical, and user-friendly. Do not forget about the use of all current trends. If you want your e-shop to be excellent, then you should go to https://dinarys.com/magento-theme-development-company.

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