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Mobile Data Security: You and your Work Place

mobile data security

It’s a tricky business. You only want to carry one device but what if you lose it and it’s not only got your personal data, but that of your employers business or your own business? Letting personal data go free is bad enough, but that of your customers, your suppliers, your business finances….Doesn’t bear thinking about? Or does it?

Of course it does. If you’re an employee it’s certainly going to occur to you employer – eventually if not immediately. Margaret Rock of Mobilemedia flushes out some of the ramifications. 

It would appear that employers do have cause for concern. Not everyone is as careful as they should be about controlling or protecting mobile phone data. Any reasonably smart company person in charge of ICT is going to be aware of this fact and be pretty ruthless about protecting the company’s IP, quite possibly at the expense of your personal data. This would certainly be so at the time of phone or tablet loss.

The Observers Jill Insley via The Raw Story: There seems to be a culture of ‘it couldn’t happen to me’. A stolen phone can provide all the password.. 

But BYOD can also be a good idea from the employer perspective and it may prove to inevitable in the long term. Then it becomes a question of not “how do we stop it” but more how do we control it and protect our sensitive information.

Patrick Lambert of TechRepublic takes a company view.

Financial, regulatory, data security risks. First, what are some of the things that can happen when an employee brings a phone, tablet or laptop into work — something that has a lot of processing power and capabilities? 

The problem is, that whilst as phone or tablet owners we might think we’re on top of our data security we might not be as knowledgeable as we think we are. Take a look at this from Brian Prince of eWeek. 

The common device across both work and play is an almost inevitable consequence of mobile device and app development. There’s bound to be way of making it work. If your a business protecting its intellectual property you’re going to have to impose protection on any BYOD implementation. If you’re an employee, you’ll need to accept that at least part of your phone or tablet is not going to be wholly yours.

You may also need to accept that, in the event of loss, a master swipe from the boss will remove your data as well as the company’s.

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