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Node JS is the best solution for accelerated software development

The most common programming language is Javascript. It is used in many starter projects. Also used in large organizations that develop software. 95% of all websites use it as a software development tool.

NodeJS development is very popular all over the world. Its main advantage is to open up a wide range of career opportunities for any software creator.

Benefits of Node

The main advantages are:

·         application in real time. For most users, real-time interaction with people is important. This includes chats, regular updates, tools. This is required for a collaborative workflow. We also need websites, tracking apps, and more. All of these features require real-world communication over the internet. NodeJS is ideal for such applications. Synchronization phase is fast and easy. This is because the architecture that serves both the server and client side is event driven. The loop for handling these events focuses on functions for a wide range of users. It does this by working through a special websocket protocol. It prevents HTTP congestion and the workflow assumes the use of TCP;

·         reduced learning curve. Regardless of the language used for the backend, the need for JavaScript remains undeniable for the frontend. You don’t have to spend time learning the language of the servers. You can direct all your efforts and time only to JS. You will not only be able to fully master, but also learn a lot of useful, specialized information. This advantage is especially valuable when it comes to startups where speed plays a big role. Also suitable for projects where the number of developers is small. There is no need to split the team into several parties. This contributes to increased efficiency and quality results. There is an opportunity to re-work on codes or exchange them. There is also a valuable exchange of skills and knowledge between employees;

·         scalability and productivity. The technology is built on a special engine Google Chrome V8. This provides the necessary environment for efficiently performing various tasks on the server side. JavaScript is compiled and executed at high speed. The innovation is able to support the event data loop. This handles all synchronous tasks for you. Thanks to this function, you can carry out the withdrawal or into the water without blocking. Their threads are capable of controlling several requests at once. If the processing process is not possible, it is held in the form of plans. This allows it to be implemented over time without interfering with other threads. In addition, the entire step saves resources and memory;

·         NPM support. Every NodeJS programmer can link all solutions and libraries into a module. Due to regular support with the presence of rich modules, users are motivated to purchase updated packages for the emergence of many new and ready-made solutions for certain difficulties. Due to the specifics of Node, the code can be reused;

·         unified code base. The use of the node assumes a simplified dispatch. Synchronization of data between client and server encodings is also possible. In the case of using the same JavaScript language, the original code will become more orderly from both sides at the same time. It will be consistent. The function can significantly save time and money;

·         data transmission by streams. A streaming process is a collection of data that needs to be processed in the most efficient way. This is where NodeJS provides first-class help. This handles the required output and input stages.

This technology takes on a rather important role. It is the best solution for various problems in the development of chat programs, games, instant messages and many other projects. The technology is truly unique. But we also recommend checking out the React development company. This is also popular today.

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