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Public Cloud Computing with Office 365 – How Can It Help my Small Business?

You probably remember when Microsoft cornered the market with their office suite. Today, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint remain the go-to office tools for every size and type of business.

The next generation of Microsoft tools is here; Office 365 in the cloud is designed perfectly for your small business. Industry leaders are saying that “Microsoft Gets it Right with Office 365.”

Let’s look at public cloud computing with Office 365 and the specific ways it can help your small business stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Office 365 – Tools You Can Use

Microsoft has been the leader in office applications for years, and with the Office 365 release, they’ve packaged all of the most useful resources into one cloud-driven application.

The first benefit of Office 365 is the same as any other public cloud service; you do not have to install and maintain expensive hardware. You don’t have to purchase a firewall or malware protection; your cloud provider handles all this, saving you time and money. These services are accessed via a monthly subscription, which makes for a budget-friendly line item in your expenses column.

Another benefit is increasing productivity that comes from accessing data storage and office tools all in one place. Your Office 365 subscription comes with SharePoint, which serves as a central hub for data sharing. You won’t have to worry about version control because SharePoint handles versioning along with restricting access so simultaneous edits can’t occur.

Your small office will also benefit from being able to access work from anywhere there is an Internet connection and on any digital device. Email, document sharing, conferencing, and office tools are now all in one place and accessible at any time or from any location, resulting in improved collaboration.

The time to deploy software is crucial in any office setting, but particularly in the smaller office, where workers tend to wear multiple hats. Office 365 has the same familiar feel of the Microsoft products you’ve been using for years, which will help you get up and running quickly on your new service. The user interface (UI) on Office 365 is instinctive, clean, and efficient.

Compliance is another important benefit for small offices seeking to engage in government contracts, or medical offices concerned about HIPAA. Microsoft Office 365 is fully compliant with ISO 27001 standards, SAS70 II and I audits, HIPAA, FERPA, and have received the EU Safe Harbor seal.

Office 365 – Security in the Cloud

Despite a mass migration to cloud technology, there are still holdouts that say the cloud is not safe. But Hooks.Guide highlights the security of Office 365 as a key reason to select it.

Microsoft uses 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption, which makes it unreadable to those without permission. Anti-spam and anti-virus protection along with standard security measures in Microsoft data centers that are considered to be industry best in class.

Small businesses simply cannot afford the kind of security measures Microsoft employs.

These are just some of the benefits of public cloud computing with Office 365. Contact us to talk about how this service could help your small business.

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