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Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies in 2021

Top AngularJS Development Companies

To find the best AngularJS development company, you just need to study several ratings and do a little market research. The point is that AngularJS developers can create truly quality products pretty quickly. But in the IT world, all processes are interconnected, so the team should have technical specialists from all the popular fields and technologies. In this article, we will give you a list of professional AngularJS. You will also get a brief introduction to this technology and understand what you can count on.

What Is AngularJS?

This technology is a framework. There are actually quite a few such frameworks, but this one has earned a special love of programmers. The product was invented by Google engineers back in 2012. Since then, five versions have been released, each of which has been updated and improved. The concept of the framework is to conveniently control the development process, regardless of the model used. What exactly did they do?

A pure JS framework decouples application logic and DOM manipulation. This makes it easier to update dynamic pages. AngularJS only allows you to control part of the page. On the other hand, the technology has many powerful features that allow developers to easily create convenient, feature-rich single page applications. These applications must fit on one page.

Why AngularJS Is So Popular?

Popularity of AngularJS Framework

Angular is supported across multiple platforms and is powerful, modern and has a great ecosystem. Angular introduces not only tools, but design patterns for building a maintainable project. With the right Angular app, you will not have a confusion of classes and methods that are difficult to edit and even harder to test. The code is conveniently structured, you can quickly understand what’s what.

List of Top AngularJS development companies in the world:

Next, we present to your attention the top AngularJS development companies. We tried to select only those teams that are ready to cooperate with customers from other countries.

1. Bytelion

The company was founded in 2011 in the USA. The headquarters is located in Maryland. The main specialization is working with big data, mobile application development and coaching for clients. The company undertakes the development of business processes and selection of technologies that will take each client to a new level. Payment depends on the qualifications of engineers and ranges from 100-149$ per hour. The number of employees has grown from 10 to 50. Now, in addition to programmers and testers, the company employs business analysts, marketers and designers. Among the clients are many famous brands. Top 5 Major Customers: Jacobs, Daocloud, Stanley Black & Decker, Dinner Out, Pixelligent.

2. Coding sans

The company was founded in 2014 in Budapest (Hungary). Considering the low hourly wages in Eastern Europe (in the range of $ 25-49 per developer hour), you can get a quality product relatively inexpensively. The company also works in outsourcing. Among the main activities are the development of mobile and web applications. You can order revision or redesign of an already finished product. The team will be happy to undertake product training for your employees, as well as undertake technical support and project support. Notable clients include: Spark451, PublishCheck, ClipDis, HealCloud, Emarsys.

3. Angular minds

The company was founded in 2011 in India. By now, several offices have already been opened, and the number of employees has increased from 50 to 100 people. The team offers high-tech solutions in the areas of cross-platform AngularJS development, quality control and product testing, as well as unique application design. With all the experience of the team members and the cool solutions they provide, the hourly rate for a programmer is $ 26-49. This is a great opportunity for foreign customers to save money, as the team is happy to work with foreign customers.

4. Moove it

The company appeared in the USA in 2006. The team is famous for using a wide range of technologies, programming languages ​​and other technical means in their work. Developers supply customers with non-standard business management software and interesting mobile applications. Convenient interface and stylish design of products have become the visiting card of the team. Most projects involve using the following technologies are AngularJS and other Java frameworks. Engineers’ salaries start at $ 99 per hour. Star clients include large commercial banks, travel companies and private hospitals.

5. Imaginet

The team is equally involved in software development and consulting for their clients. Consulting can include both business analytics and strategy and product training for employees. Since 1997, the developers have successfully created almost 3 thousand projects. The main office is located in the United States, and the salaries of programmers are classified. One of the most important clients and partners of Imaginet is such a giant as Microsoft. Successful products such as web and mobile apps have built an excellent reputation for the crew.

6. Boldare

The company was founded in Poland in 2004. The central office is located in Warsaw, and branches are in all major cities of the country. The number of employees has grown from 50 to 160 people over 16 years of successful work. The work of a developer, depending on qualifications and level of knowledge, varies from $ 50 to $ 99 per hour. Among the services there is mobile and web development, audit of finished projects and code analysis. A thorough study of UX / UI design was highlighted in a separate direction. On the basis of the company, a subsidiary design studio was even formed. The company is proud that thanks to the efforts of their programmers, the French startup BlaBlaCar has managed to enter 27 markets around the world. The team also has extensive experience in developing e-commerce platforms.

7. Sombra

The company started its activities in 2013. Now this is a large international team with two large development offices in Ukraine. It is headquartered in Denver, USA, with a marketing and sales team based in London. Since the developers are located in Eastern Europe, the hourly rate for an engineer is in the range of $ 25–49 per hour. Since its inception, the number of employees has grown dramatically and now amounts to about 250 people. The company specializes in the development of full cycle software. The staff includes specialists with technical experience in ReactJS, AngularJS and Python. Notable clients include Divido, ZappySales, The H Hub, RenewAge, Shark-byte.

8. Software Brothers

The team started its activities in 2009. Since then, thanks to the professionalism and excellent organization of business processes, the company has become a leader in the elaboration of web and mobile apps, as well as complex interactive online systems. Some of the most important technologies used are JavaScript and AngularJS. The main office is in Poland and the hourly rate is $ 99. This price did not arise out of nowhere. One of the major projects is Baikingu. The service is a new generation cloud-based sales system. Everything is perfect in it to the smallest detail: code architecture, UX / UI design and customer support.

9. Gersis Software

This company was created back in 1991 in the United States. The team now has over 250 engineers. Payment for an hour of a programmer’s work starts at $ 49, if we are talking about the simplest terms of the project. The main technological stack of the company is corporate systems Java, .NET / C #, Visual Studio, C ++, Qt. This allows the company to deliver intelligent big data solutions to its clients as well as successfully serving very large online platforms. One of the renowned clients is Softeq. A sports platform was developed for them, on which the records of all existing basketball teams can be tracked. The crew is also famous for its convenient mobile apps for athletes. There you can upload and buy workouts online, as well as track your progress.

10. Future processing

This development company started operating in 2000 in Poland. The rate per hour for an engineer is $ 49. The main activity is web development and the company is very successful in its field. The team employs over 800 people. The real popularity of this company came after the completion of the FareShare project. This cloud application was created specifically for a huge grocery store chain. The project made it possible to more efficiently set up business processes, as well as organize warehouse flows and logistics at the highest level.


We have provided in this article a list of companies that have proven their professional competence in the volatile IT market. We also tried to collect not only teams with excellent reviews, but also with diverse cases. Team offices are located in different countries so you can choose a convenient time zone and a developer mentality. With the development of agile development methodologies, the relationship between the client and the developer is becoming increasingly important. It has long been proven that the better you understand each other, the better the final product will be.

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