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Ways To fix MIP 67 Error On Android

MIP 67 Error On Android

MIP 67 Error On Android

MIP 67 is one of the most annoying error messages on mobile phones operating with Android. The error means that the phone cannot connect to the mobile Internet. While most customers claim that the error is related to Sprint, reportedly, many Boost users also encounter this issue. This step-by-step guide will help you understand what MIP 67 error is and how to fix it. 

What Does MIP 67 Mean?

MIP 67 means that the phone cannot use mobile data to connect to the Internet. Reasons for the error message can be different. For example, you’ll see the pop-up if you register your old SIM card on a new mobile phone. Reportedly, the error message appears two or three times a minute, making it impossible to use the smartphone. 

How to Fix MIP 67 Error?

Fortunately, MIP 67 isn’t a permanent error, and there are multiple options for correcting it. But before you get the chance to do it, here are a few tricks on how to stop the pop-up from appearing all the time. First, activate the airplane mode on your device and access the Internet via Wi-Fi only. Now when the error message has stopped appearing, take the following actions to correct it.

Switch to Another Network

The first method of fixing error code 67 is changing the network mode. If the current mode is CDMA, change it to LTE or the other way round. To do that:

  1. Go to your phone settings and tap Connection.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Networks and scroll down to see the Network Mode option.
  3. Here, choose LTE if CDMA is selected. If the wrong network mode caused the MIP 67 error, this change should resolve the issue.

But if the pop-up keeps appearing, check out the following methods. 

Restart Your Device

Few people imagine that most issues and temporary glitches can be fixed by merely restarting the device. However, most Android phones and tablets can be restated by tapping the restart option that appears on the screen after pressing and holding the power button. Once your phone has restarted, try to turn on the mobile data. If no error code pops up, it means that the issue was fixed. 

APN Network Settings

If no method has worked so far, the next option is changing your APN network settings. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can do on your own. Instead, you’ll need to contact your service provider. If the MIP 67 is on Sprint phones, call the company and ask them to provide you with a new APN. Service providers usually send it via SMS. To install it on your device, you should open the message containing the APN and save the settings. After you have done this, do not forget to restart your phone. Then, check again if the problem is resolved or not. If the annoying message still pops up, try the next troubleshooting methods. 

Update Roaming List

According to academic definition, PRL is a database existing in mobile devices. It contains sensitive information about the acquisition procedure of the system. Usually, PRL isn’t easily accessible and manually updated by users, but it can help fix the MIP 67 error code. Before you change your PRL, turn on the Wi-Fi connection and follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone Settings. 
  • Scroll down the list and choose Software Update.
  • From the options that appear on your screen, select Update PRL. 
  • Then confirm the change by tapping the OK button.

Besides this variant, there is also another one for updating the PRL. Dial *228 and select the second option from the suggested ones. Wait a few minutes, and you’ll receive a confirmation message. Do not forget to restart your device again. 

Change Mobile Station ID

The MIP 67 error can also be triggered if you use the wrong mobile ID, which prevents your phone from connecting to the Internet using the mobile data. Unfortunately, users don’t have access to their MSID. To get it, contact the customer support department of your service provider, explain the issue you have encountered and ask them to provide you with your Mobile Station ID. Next, dial this code – ##847446# on your phone. On the window that appears next, choose the Edit option and type your Mobile Station ID. Double-check the code to ensure that everything is correct because you don’t want to cause another issue by fixing one. If everything is correct, click OK. The device will reboot automatically, and the error code will stop appearing.  

Update Android

Another reason why Android MIP 67 error can occur is that you have ignored system updates. Android regularly released system updates with enhanced security and fixed bugs. However, if you keep delaying these updates, your phone’s system gets outdated and annoying messages as MIP 67 appears. Hence, installing the latest system updates is essential for keeping the device healthy. 

To download Android updates, navigate to your phone Settings. Find the System option and tap to go to the next screen to select the System Updates variant. Now, let the device download and install all the updates. The MIP 67 error must already be fixed. 

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