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What Are Motion Graphics and Why do I Need Them?           

Motion design is a technique for creating computer animation – objects that move. For example, static text can be made dynamic to make it more interesting for a person to read it. Such letters float, run across the screen, turn around or charge from corner to center. Movements can be different, depending on the developer’s imagination and the type of motion graphics chosen. In any case, in order to get a quality product created, it is necessary to contact a proven motion graphics company with a team of qualified specialists.

The concept and essence of motion design

Motion graphics are a type of animation. It is distinguished by the presence of less information and a short plot. Graphic design has a lot in common with motion design. In both, the main element is advertising, text or navigation system and its components. The characters here are not central, but they are important, as they help to convey the meaning of the text message, explain it and make it brighter.

Motion design is suitable for creating complex videos to convey the essence of what is happening on the screen faster and easier. If we talk about the advantages of using it, we can distinguish the following:

  1. Message delivery speed. This criterion is important in infographics and advertising. Here you need to do everything quickly to fit in a limited time frame. Everything should be briefly and clear.
  2. The ability to reveal a complex idea and display information in a simple, understandable way. In one image, the whole concept, the plot, fits here. A video may be only a few seconds long, but it can contain a large amount of information.
  3. Arouses interest quickly. Animation holds the viewer’s attention. They become interested from the first seconds, thanks to which their eyes are riveted to the screen and there is not even a thought to turn off the video or rewind the titles.

Motion design is not just ordinary animation or video. This is a display of an idea or data, not a full-fledged plot.

The popularity of motion design today

An important role in the spread of this type of animation was played by the Internet and computers. Just a couple of decades ago, the creation of animated videos took a lot of time, effort and financial resources. But with the development of computer technology, this process has become easier and faster. Somewhere since the early 2000s, the development of graphic motion techniques has been in full swing. It firmly entered the film and gaming industry. A decade later, motion design has become popular in marketing, advertising and media.

Currently, this technology is used in any area where content is created. Thus, animated videos made in motion technology are used in the titles for various films and videos, and are also observed in many famous music videos. They make videos brighter, richer, more spectacular.

There are also such animations in TV shows, where they are used as screensavers. Their role is obvious: to intrigue the viewer, arouse interest, riveted eyes to the screens of TVs and monitors.

Motion graphics are one of the most popular and rapidly growing content marketing channels these days. It helps not only to interest, but also to inform the viewer. This type of message is characterized by high readability, the performance of which is higher than that of classic channels.

With the help of motion design, companies successfully present their products, ideas, values ​​and benefits to the consumer. With the help of this type of advertising, it is possible to convey a message to the user in the shortest possible time – 2-6 seconds.

Since complex concepts are easier to understand and learn in a dynamic format, infographics are increasingly using motion design. This is due to the fact that visually a person perceives information better and faster. Static messages cannot affect the organs of vision so effectively.

Animation is one of the best channels for spreading an idea and engaging the viewer in a story. The story seems to come to life in front of a person, and moving pictures, accompanied by sound, help to quickly assimilate the information received.

Areas of use

Motion design helps to create videos that help the viewer draw a complete picture of what is happening in the head in a minimum amount of time. In many modern fields of activity, they need such an effect that would help save time and, at the same time, be as efficient as possible. Today, this type of animation is used in:

  1. Film industry – for creating openings, titles, trailers, teasers, screensavers.
  2. Television – in the process of producing screensavers, titles, subtitles, program design.
  3. Marketing is the creation of advertising on television, on the Internet, for animated graphics.
  4. Media – the use of motion design by entertainment, news and educational portals to create short, but spectacular, vivid and memorable videos.
  5. Business – creating infographics for websites, conferences, as well as the presentation of goods and services, the creation of commercials.
  6. Education – short videos help to quickly perceive complex information. Used to create educational video projects for YouTube channels and social networks.
  7. The entertainment industry – the creation of streaming services, entertainment video projects, gaming products.

This type of animation is very popular today.

Demand for the profession

Today, the profession of a motion designer is quite popular and in demand. Although there are some difficulties. For example, there are no such specialties in domestic universities, and foreign education will be very expensive. The profession requires not only a strong theoretical base, but also graphic design skills, the basics of dramaturgy and directing, as well as the ability to operate various programs and applications.

A good motion designer should be able to:

  • process information – find, analyze, be able to use different web portals and resources, programs and applications;
  • work both independently and in a team;
  • create creative products;
  • think outside the box, but at the same time follow the trends and current trends in their field;
  • understand new programs – it is important to constantly study different applications, services, programs and tools;
  • present himself, his talents, skills and merits.

By acquiring such a profession, a specialist will definitely not remain without work.

What programs do developers use?

In any case, motion design is in demand today, although it is considered a new direction, but many developers still effectively use most of the tools in this direction. So, there are programs with which you can do, if not professional motion design, then at least amateur, and beginners can practice on them:

  1. Principle. This program is different in that you can create interactive prototypes and animation of the interface. Specialists use animation to demonstrate current work, create a portfolio for themselves. The program allows you to configure the most complex transitions between screens and various states, although it functions on macOS.
  2. Marvel. This service is fully online. You can work with it immediately from the browser or as an addition to the graphics editor. With the help of the program, you can change layouts, look at the prototype not only from a PC, but also from a smartphone.
  3. InVision studio. This editor belongs to the design universal. Thanks to the program, the developer will be able to easily work with prototypes and even edit animation, support all services. To decide in which program to make animation, it is necessary to formulate a goal: what kind of animation will be and what it is for.
  4. Adobe Photoshop. It has the ability to process graphics, and is also the simplest Photoshop tool among Adobe tools that simulate movement. As for the interface, you will need to figure out how to properly use the program and create animation.

Regardless of the choice of program, if the developer understands motion design, he will complete the tasks 100 percent correctly and without problems. So, offshore custom software development – perfect solution.

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