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What Is ConfigAPK? What Is It For And How To Delete It

ConfigAPK on Android

ConfigAPK on Android

Developed for touchscreen devices, the Android system is optimized for users to be more friendly and easy to use. The smartness of the system is beyond description, and it is mainly because strong and well-functioning software developments lay on the base of the system. A shining example is the ConfigAPK, a software package running in the background of the Android system.

What Is ConfigAPK app?

Running under the curtains; it is omnipresent in many Android devices such as Google, Samsung, Huawei, etc. This package format has a close connection with autoinstallation (autouninstallation) of the preliminary process of setup, i.e., the moment when the device is bought and does not take much space (only 20KB).

Some users report some advantages to being an irritating and troublesome application that, for example, consumes battery or makes the phone operation slower. If you even do not notice the operation of this app, do not take measures. Yet, think about your device safety when you find real concerns. This article is about the most important facts the sys ConfigAPK has, and it will be helpful.

Is ConfigAPK a virus?

If it ever strikes your mind that ConfigAPK is a virus, remember that it is a safe system app. You may hesitate because this app has responsibility for numerous tasks, consumes a lot of battery, or constantly shows a strange message. But pay attention to the fact that we do not say keep it on your phone, and we guarantee everything. There is no need to discard that the system gets an infection from a virus. Thus, it is better to turn to a scanner to clean the device or to restore the whole system.

Do I need ConfigAPK on my phone?

For one reason, the answer is yes, and for another – no. If the device operates strangely, your device has malware most probably. To find the invalid app you need, you scan it with the help of anti-virus software, after which you can be able to improve your device. It is not preferable to download a random safety app or a third party as possible to have a vicious one. 

The app never harms the device, so you can keep it on your phone and forget about uninstalling it. Another option is to disable it, but it will get activated as soon as it needs activation again. So do not worry about keeping it on the device as Android OS takes control over it.

What permissions does it have?

The research makes us believe that there are no permissions. Go to the setting and confirm it. The app settings are available in phone settings. You need to enter system apps and search for options of permission.

ConfigAPK high battery usage

Very often, people face a problem which is about the battery usage of the app. Here, it would be best if you kept in your mind that this 20KB built-in app does not consume much battery unless a virus or a malware badly affects it. Then scanning the device is a good tactic. In case of stopped operation, make an effort to clean the cache or cease the app functions. These procedures will help you realize whether it works properly or not. Furthermore, you can try a second option which is to reset the device, and the system will come back to the initial state when it was purchased.

Is it possible to uninstall ConfigAPK?

As far as ConfigAPK operates without causing troubles and issues, it would be best if you did not think about deleting. Generally, it is not recommended to remove any system app, and Android ConfigAPK is no exception. But as soon as it starts to threaten the device, some measures have to be taken. Nonetheless, you need to remember that uninstalling the app may result in device ineffectiveness and uselessness.

But if you are determined enough to uninstall the app, you can turn to the help of a command-line tool. This can be an ADB or third-party app, which is developed for communication with Android devices.

Variant 1. System App Remover (Root Needed)

1. Download the System App Remover.

2. Find the ConfigAPK app and select it.

3. Click on the uninstall button.

Another variant is connected with ADB. For this, you need to find Developer Options in the Settings and switch on USB debugging. You need to install ADB on the compute. Firstly, tap on “Open Powershell window here” and then run the command ADB shell pm uninstall –user 0 android.autoinstalls.config. 


So, ConfigAPK app is a vital instrument and key component for your device and whole Android system. It is never late to gain new knowledge, so keep on learning about Android and its peculiarities.

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