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Why Outsourcing is Important?

Sooner or later, any company is faced with a choice between building its own IT department or concluding an agreement with an outsourcing company. On the Internet, you can find many arguments for and against both one and the other options. Naturally, each business sets its own goals and development plans, which are compared with the goals and objectives in IT and, based on this, make one or another decision. Let’s take a look at the benefits of both options.

Features of IT service by an outsourcing company

Probability of covering losses

In case of violation of the SLA or negligence on the part of the outsourcing company, the latter will be ready to make a significant discount of up to 50% for the agreed period in order to preserve the client and its reputation, which in the long term will bring benefits to the outsourcer, while the local specialist will not be ready to leave for a long period with the lion’s share of the salary. Outsource dotnet development is now in trend and is in significant demand, so it is important to choose the best company to fulfill the desired goal.


Unlike full-time employees, an outsourcing company provides another specialist to solve problems with the customer company for the duration of vacation, illness or dismissal of a dedicated engineer.

Systematization of the work of the IT department

The outsourcer company works on tasks that are fixed and controlled by both the customer and the contractor company. Such tasks will not get lost, they have deadlines, an action plan and an expected result. In addition, the outsourcing company always strives to minimize the labor costs of a specialist for the planned tasks of the client, thus increasing the productivity of its own engineer. For this, monitoring systems are used that allow a proactive response to problems, as well as automated backup systems with notification of successful or unsuccessful execution.

Personnel changes

The process of changing a team of full-time specialists is expensive and sometimes difficult (both psychologically and legally). Working with an outsourcing company, you can either find a competitor (which can also bring financial benefits – savings) or change the team within the outsourcer company, since the contractor often has several such teams.

Features of maintenance by a full-time IT specialist

Information Security

It is believed that information leakage is more likely through the employees of the outsourcing company, since the top management has no influence on the contractor’s employees. But the likelihood of “buying” a full-time specialist is no less than that of a specialist from an outsourcing company. In addition, the outsourcing company often bears financial and legal responsibility for the leakage of confidential information. Also, the outsourcer company will strive to reduce the risks of information leakage of its customers, since the reputation component is very important in this business, therefore, the outsourcer company often has less chances of customer information leakage than a full-time specialist.

Incident response speed

It is believed that since the on-site specialist is close to users, he will quickly solve the problems that have arisen. It is difficult to disagree with this, but the outsourcing company builds the IT infrastructure in such a way that either there are no failures, or the failure does not lead to a stop of the IT infrastructure, uses monitoring systems that allow you to react proactively to incidents, i.e. prevent them.

Independence of pay from the number of jobs

The presence of a system administrator assumes that he already receives some kind of salary and an increase in, say, the number of computers by 10 units will not in any way affect the level of his income, while the outsourcing company charges its services per unit of serviced equipment or workplace. The argument is indisputable, but for the time being, since a moment may come when the system administrator will no longer cope with the wave of incidents and the top management will face a rather important question about opening another vacancy for a system engineer, which will double the payroll. Whereas in an outsourcing company, such costs increase gradually and predictably.

Thus, it is important to correctly prioritize the business and make the right choices regarding building an IT department, taking into account all the pros and cons. If you liked this article – you can read more about outsourcing java development services, which may help you. Naturally, the above comparison is conditional, but, nevertheless, it shows the approximate amount of financial resources that can be saved.

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